•  Must comply with MCR 1.109 and 2.113.  For example, they must include the complete case number with year and case code, the judge's name, the plaintiff and defendant's full name, address and telephone numbers, and the title of the pleading.

•   Objections and accompanying documents are the only documents accepted by facsimile.

•   Documents presented for filing must contain an original signature to be accepted for filing.  Electronic signatures, copies of signatures or a signature stamp are not considered original signatures and will not be accepted for filing.

•   Copies and a self addressed stamped envelope must be provided for return of requested documents.

•   Motions and briefs - the original pleading must be presented to the Clerk's Office.  If you wish to  provide a copy for the Judge, the copy must be marked "Judge's Copy" on the right side of the case caption.

•   All motions in cases involving minor children must be accompanied by a copy for the Friend of the Court.

•   Pleadings, Orders, Settlement Agreements, etc. containing confidential information can be sealed with an order - the Clerk of the Court does not have the authority to seal a document without an order of the court.
Faxed Pleadings

30th Circuit Court Clerk's Office will accept faxed pleadings entitled "Objections" along with any accompanying related proofs of service and/or notices of hearing.

Fees for filing by fax are:

$3.00 for the first page and $1.00 per page for each page thereafter.

The fee for filing by fax must be paid in advance by credit card.

The number to call is:  1-888-604-7888 [Government Payment Services - GPS]

A case number and the pay code of 1921 are required.  Once a transaction has been approved, GPS will provide the party filing the Objection with a confirmation number.  This number will also be provided to the Court by way of email notification to our bookkeeper.  GPS will charge a service fee for the total transaction.  Faxed Objections must be received by 4:30 ;.m. to be considered filed on that day.  No other pleading will be accepted for filing by facsimile.