Court Appointed Counsel System

The General Trial Division (GTD) appoints counsel for criminal cases and for contempt cases involving personal protection orders and FOC/Non-Support issues. For further information on this process, please download the following
Local Administrative Order: LAO Re: CAC (Word).

Family Division appoints counsel for juveniles in delinquency matters and parents in neglect and abuse matters.

Attorney Voucher

Voucher Submission Procedures
Attorneys must complete and return the E-Filing registration form before attempting to electronically submit a voucher for payment.

Beginning March 1, 2011, court appointed attorneys for General Trial Division are required to submit vouchers through the online system at: cac_AttyVoucher.html.

Family Division vouchers should be submitted to Stacey, either by mail or email attachment at:

P O Box 13097, Lansing MI 48901-3097

Vouchers & E-Filing Section
Word Perfect format may be requested from Tammy in Pretrial Services. Instructions

Attorney Voucher Submission Instructions

General Trial Division

Abby Stocker, (517) 483-6450
Email Court Appointed Counsel Clerk

Family Division
Stacey, (517) 483-6521